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Featured News
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Image for Chalk 19027

Featured News

How can you prepare for Black Friday / Cyber Monday?
Here's a checklist:

1. 'Seed the sale' by telling customers to expect deals.
"Promote sales, promote sales, promote sales," said Sucharita Kodali, principal analyst of e-business and channel strategy at Forrester. "It's the number one thing that shoppers look for during the holidays." (Source: Retail Dive)

You can do this via posts on Bridge and social media.

2. Craft an irresistible offer.

3. Organize your upcoming sales ...Read rest of Chalk

Jason Solarek picture
Shared by Jason Solarek
October 22, 2019

November 10
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Image for Chalk 19087

Barneys Commits Retail Manslaughter

Barneys will likely keep thousands of dollars belonging to brides, shares today’s Times. The defunct retailer will keeps the brides’ registry credits if they don’t redeem them by this Thursday.

This is also bad for the brands that were sold via Barneys' registries. For example, let's imagine Barneys sells Waterford. If a bride registered for a Waterford product, and that item was gifted by a family member, Waterford would expect that ...Read rest of Chalk

November 8
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Share Files More Easily

Your Bridge now helps you share files more easily. You can easily load PDFs, Excel files, price lists, and more via your Bridge Library. Your business friends will see your files on their Dashboard, as well as in their respective Library.

In the example shown, Babcock Gifts, the premier gift shop of Tennessee, can view files from Mary Jurek, DeVine Corporation, Badash, Casafina, and BIA Cordon Bleu.

When viewing a file on the Dashboard, you can like ...Read rest of Chalk

November 8
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From 2,000 stores to 182 stores—that’s how much Sears, the storied retailer that also owns Kmart, has shrunk in just 5 years. That’s a reduction of 90%.

Remember when people said the retail apocalypse was over-rated, or over? With the currents affecting Nordstrom, Neimans, Barneys, and Macy’s, I believe that we’re still in the midst of the storm. And, even after these other retailers close, the remaining ones will have to spend $1.50 for every $1 they take in to compete...Read rest of Chalk

November 7
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Why is retail changing?

Retail Dive gives us six reasons via six statistics:

1. 100 stores
The number of Macy's locations closed since August 2016, as well as the number of stores that off-price retailer Ross opened in 2019 alone

2. $19 billion
Projected off-price sales by 2021

3. $20.4 billion
The amount department store sales have dropped over the past five years

4. $14 billion
The amount in sales that Costco's Kirkland Signature private label outpaced all of Macy's nationwide ...Read rest of Chalk

November 7
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Carmel Ceramica brand logo
Featured Products From Post:

Our DAPPLED collection will remind you of a stroll along a tree lined path on a sunny afternoon. Our multi-glaze process achieves this beautiful effect. DAPPLED is dishwasher and microwave safe ceramic stoneware, made in Portugal.
November 5
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Image for Chalk 13462
Image for Chalk 13462


Good news: Bridge will pay10% of your advertising costs.

For example, if you pay $1,000 for a Tableware Today ad, we’ll give you $100. If you pay $2,000, we’ll give you $200.

+ Save money. Make your advertising budget go further.
+ Sell more. When retailers join you on Bridge, they report selling 13% more product.
+ Show more of your product on your retailers' websites.

Shown here are two examples:
+ Waterford print ad in Tableware Today.
+ Badash print ...Read rest of Chalk

November 4
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Wayfair had about 4 buyers visiting 41 Madison showrooms last week. While the building and showrooms love buyers, I'd suggest some caution with Wayfair since it’s hemorrhaging money.
Check out the attached graph.

Read more about Wayfair and its financial position here:
November 3

Happy to see Anna Weatherley and Deshoulieres in this weekend’s Wall St. Journal.
November 2
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Amazon is Winning Because of: Bots

Amazon most likely has lower prices than most stores--including yours, shares Retail Dive.

"With the holiday sales season underway, Amazon is pricing 20% below other online retailers on average in key product categories, according to a study by Profitero."

You may ask, how is Amazon wining this online price war? I'll share my answer: Bots. Amazon has unleashed an army of bots to crawl and scrub all of your data and websites, and ...Read rest of Chalk

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