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New York, New York

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Aug. 28, 2017
Did you miss our seminar in NYC?
Here's our press release below for the event:


Press Release
August 28, 2017

Bridge Helps Indie Stores Fight Amazon at NY NOW

New York, NY – On August 21st, 2017 Bridge hosted its ‘Your Store vs. Amazon’ seminar at the NY NOW show in New York City. Bridge, an e-commerce platform for businesses in the retail industry, hosted indie store owners from across the Northeast.

"Retailers are under the gun to compete against Amazon and other big players. Due to this, retailers are eager to learn how they can fight back," said Jason Solarek, Bridge's founder and CEO. During the 45 minute session, Solarek gave an overview of the digital retail landscape, shared the secrets of his platform's double-digit sales growth, and highlighted seven ways to beat entities like Amazon. With Bridge’s platform, indies can easily offer up to 61,000 products from Bridge's partner brands—thereby helping level the playing field.

“With Bridge, an indie retailer can easily offer 1,000's of products for free," said Solarek, “and that allows it to start to compete against the larger players. Our goal is to help indies take on Amazon’s strengths step by step and help reverse the tide.”

Solarek promoted the importance of gift registries for independent stores. He showed that many of the Bridge's 260 retailers rank on page one of Google—ahead of Amazon and many national retailers' results.

“We’ve been in business 65 years, and we were about to shut down our bridal registry service,” shared Mindy Alexander, a seminar attendee and a sales manager from Barbara Stewart Interiors in Bowling Green, KY. "Then we started using Bridge and sales are so good we refer to bridal season as a 'mini-Christmas.’ We are slammed.”

Seminar attendees also learned how they can tout easy picks up and return, avoid money-losing orders, and cut their time in front of a computer.

"Retailers are searching for news ways to compete with Amazon and that was evident by the excellent seminar turnout,” said Kelly Wenzel, National Sales Manage for Beatriz Ball, which co-hosted the seminar. "As a vendor, we get stronger when our indie, physical storefronts develop an online presence and Bridge is helping them do just that."

Bridge, which is free for retail businesses, will host its next 'Your Store vs. Amazon’ seminar on October 17th at the NY Tabletop show.

Bridge is projected to helps its members sell $20 million in 2018.

Learn More:

Press Contact:
339 East 9th St.
New York, NY 10003


Thanks again to the wonderful and generous crew at Beatriz Ball -- especially Kelly Wenzel! :)

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