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Feb. 6
 gift registry
 gift registry
 gift registry
 gift registry
Your Bridge has a new feature to help you compete. Your Bridge site now offers a $10 in-store gift card for registering at your store. Why are we offering this? Zola is offering brides up to $50 to start a registry. Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel are offering 10% off everything for 6 months. In order to help you stay competitive, we're offering a sign up bonus, too.

Program details:
1. On your gift registry home page and start a new registry page, there is a now a banner appearing that promotes this free $10 gift card offer. The banners says:

"Free $10 Gift Credit ~ Open a new registry with us and receive a $10 in-store gift card ~ Start New Registry | Details"

When you click the "Details" link, a floating box will appear that shares the details:

$10 Registry Gift Credit Details
+ Only available to new wedding gift registrants.
+ Valid email address required.
+ Offer valid to US residents only.
+ Credit only redeemable via in-store gift card that is picked up at store.

Check out the banner on Schiffman's Bridge site:

2. You will wish to keep track of to whom you gave the gift card to and to whom you still need to give the gift card. You can do that on the registry's "Edit Registry" page. On that page, scroll down to the "Management" area (this area has a light gray background). You will see there is a check box that says:

"$10 start a new registry credit given to registrant"

Check this box after you have given the registrant his/her gift card.

You should also enter the date that you gave the bride the in-store gift card. There is a date area to enter that information.

After you check the box and enter the date, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save profile" to save your changes.

3. Zola and other retailers are offering brides more than $10 to register. Zola is giving brides $50 to start a registry. In order to stay competitive, you will likely want to increase what you offer a bride. In order to increase this amount, you can edit it.
A. Visit the Your Account page.
B. Scroll down to the Registry Services area. In that area, find the option that says:

"Incentive amount to offer registrant to open new registry at your store"

Change this to the amount you'd like to offer.

If you wish to not offer this incentive, you can turn it off by changing the gift amount to "None."

Tags: gift registry, incentive, competition, zola, amazon, gift card

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