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Feb. 11
 service triangle
A game-changing service often wins in two out of three areas:
- Price
- Quality
- Time

Historically, when you adjust one of these variables, you negatively affect one of the others. For example, if you want a project to be done faster, you either reduce the quality or increase the price. When you want something cheaper, you often get it slower or reduce the quality.

A revolutionary service will change two or more of these factors with no noticeable impact on the other factors. For example, Uber offers you transportation. When it brings you your car more quickly, did the price go up? Did the quality of the drive/car go down? No. Uber affects almost all three of the factors in your favor. Airbnb: you get a place to stay that likely is better quality than a hotel and at a better price--and you can book it quickly from your iPhone. Airbnb has also beat the 'service triangle.'

Let's look at Bridge's service for retailers and how it performs against the service triangle paradigm:

Whereas traditionally a retail store had to hire a website designer, Bridge offers it website for free. Even Shopify, a Wall St.-backed e-commerce platform and competitor to Bridge, doesn't offer a free plan. Most often one has to pay Shopify at least $80/month just to get started.

In addition to simply opening an online store, a major cost for many stores is adding items to its web site. Bridge offers retailers instant access to 60,000 products. This saves each retailer $1,000s in labor costs.

Bridge's e-commerce software is in the cloud and updated weekly with new features. Likewise, brands in Bridge keep their items up to date. As such, a customer's experience on Bridge is of a higher quality because the features and content are better and up to date. When a customer is shopping on a non-Bridge sites, the site is often of a lower quality because it doesn't have new features and products are out of date. Products may have no picture, having missing dimensions, and no description about about materials, inspiration, and origin. Bridge offers shoppers a better quality experience.

The Copper Lamp, a gift store in Dallas, used Bridge to instantly add 20,000 products to its online operations within 2 hours.

It would've taken a person 2 months to add all those items and pictures. Bridge completed this for the store in 120 minutes.

After 2 hours, Copper Lamp offered its shoppers:
4,000 Herend products
2,600 Raynaud products
1,700 Sambonet products
1,000 Rosenthal products

Check out Copper Lamp's 20k items here:

Bridge enables stores to more quickly start an online store, add product to it, and keep it up to date. This is crucial for the store to compete against Amazon. Bridge stores require a fraction of the time that other software does.

Bridge appears to be upending e-commerce by beating the service triangle paradigm. We are offering retailers a service that is:
- Quicker
- Better
- Cheaper

In addition to helping retailers, Bridge also services brands. Brands use Bridge to promote and advertise their products. A brand can put 1,000 products into Bridge and instantly they'll be seen on 100s of retailers' websites. This would traditionally takes weeks of effort by the brand to encourage their stores to add the items to their respective websites. Since the brand maintains the product data, it ensures the quality. Otherwise, the brand relies on the stores to maintain the quality and stores don't have the manpower to accomplish this.

Bridge is offering brands a unique service in the marketplace that helps them get their product in front of consumers in a manner that is quicker, cheaper, and better than other existing solutions.

 service triangle

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02/12/18 10:49 AM
Jason Solarek picture
Jason at Bridge
My friend Meliza reminded me of another valuable way to view a service's impact. V = Q / C aka: Value = Quality / Cost

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