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March 2
Most stores pay about $5 per item to add the item to their website and maintain it.

If a store offers 1,000s of items, that gets very expensive quickly. Therefore, most stores give up and don’t add items online.

What if there was a way to cut this cost?
There is. Bridge puts items online for retailers for $.01 a piece. As such, Bridge has cut maintenance costs for 100s of stores from $5.00 to $.01. We’re saving each store $1,000s and even $10,000s.

With Bridge’s technology, indie stores and brands finally have a chance to fight back against

What costs go into adding and maintaining an item on a store's site?
+ Employee/labor hourly wage.
+ Time to take the picture and/or finding one online or requesting it from the manufacturer.
+ Time to enter in the product's information, including dimensions, brand logo, etc.
+ Time to properly organize the item in the correct department(s) on the site, such as putting a dinner plate in: Dining & Entertaining --> Dinnerware --> Dinner Plates.
+ A computer to add the item to the website.
+ A desk/space to have the computer.
+ Lighting for the desk/office/counter space where the computer is.
+ When the item's price changes, one must update the price.
+ When the item is discontinued, one must archive the item.
+ Insurance for the employee / work place.

Curious how much maintaining your site is costing your store? Bridge has a calculator that helps you see how much you're spending. Please find the calculator at the bottom of this page:

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