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About Bridge

Bridge connects 1,000s of businesses in the retail industry with 1,000s of products.

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March 8
 adding products to a website

Did you know: most of your stores pay about $2 to add one of your items to their website?

When a retailer adds 1,000s of items, that gets very expensive quickly. Therefore, most stores give up and don’t add your items online.  That is horrible for your sales. 

What if there was a way to cut this cost?
There is. Bridge puts your items online for retailers for $0.01 an item. As such, Bridge has cut maintenance costs for 100s of stores from $2.00 to $0.01. That's a 199% savings. We’re saving many stores $1,000s and even $10,000s.

With Bridge’s technology, indie stores finally have a chance to fight back against  When they do, they strengthen their business and order more of your product.

What does this mean for your brand?
Based upon the facts above, it's in your interest to promote your partnership with Bridge. 

4 free ways that you can grow your Bridge network:
1. Email your stores an invitation to join you on Bridge. View examples here 
2. On your website, mention your Bridge program. View examples here 
3. In your price lists, mention that Bridge members immediately have all the updated pricing and new items. 
4. Train your reps to understand Bridge.

Need help growing your network?
We're here to help you. Please cal us at 212-254-9654 or email us. We'll review your account and help you grow your network.

Tags: adding products to a website, cost cutting

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