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March 30

As you likely have read in the New York Times or the Wall St. Journal, social media companies are under fire. Users are abandoning social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snap as if they were a ship on fire that has run aground. In the New York Times graphic, it depicts social media as a boat on fire--with a user escaping by row boat.

How did this happen? There are many reasons. One primary reason is the false belief that Facebook and other platforms are free. They are NOT free. You pay for them by enabling the Wall St.-backed businesses to soak up all of your data and your friends' data. And then sell it. And let's be honest: that's not cool, right?

These social media companies also inflate our egos with fake followers. The New York Times reported that Twitter was enabling children to have their identities stolen and used by fake bots as social media followers. Does a business want to be associated with identify theft affecting children?

You may ask yourself "Well, what other options exist?"

I founded Bridge in 2007.
I've never borrowed any money to support it. I don't owe any advertisers nor Wall St.-backed money managers a return on their investment. Aka: we don't have to bend our ethics to stay afloat.
Bridge does not sell your or your customers' data.
Bridge does not work with Russian trolls or Cambridge Analytica.
To join Bridge, you have to be a real business with a real person attached to it. We're a real company with real users.

What's next? Please ask yourself: Are there better business partners with which you can work? We hope you'll explore new opportunities like those offered by Bridge.

Tags: wsj, nyt, new york post, twitter, facebook, instagram, snap, social media, row boat, refuge, identity theft, russian troll

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