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April 9
In the book The Four, the author Scott Galloway praises companies that reduce the 'friction' of completing an action. For example, Uber makes ordering a taxi easier. In the case of Amazon (which I often rail against), he noted it makes online shopping easier.

Which leads to the questions: what is Bridge making easier? What 'friction' is it removing for users?

Bridge reduces the pain points for a retail business in these areas:
+ Adding products to its website.
+ Adding news to its website.
+ Updating prices on its website.
+ Adding brands to its site.
+ Updating its website features (e.g. offering a review feature).
+ Offering a secure online shopping experience.
+ Offering customer support (e.g. live chat).
+ Accepting payments online.

Bridge makes the above elements much easier.

Tags: friction, scott galloway, the four, pain points

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