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April 27
 price changes

How much does it cost you to add an item to your website? Most likely a few dollars per item.

In addition to the cost of adding new items, there is the cost of mispricing items. How much does it cost a store if an item's price isn't updated and a customer buys it at the wrong price? Let's imagine a clerk forgets to add a "0." A store could lose a few dollars or a few hundred dollars due to a typo.

Let's imagine a clerk has 99% accuracy in entering and keeping items up to date. If it adds 1,000 items, 10 items will be wrong. Most sites have 10,000s of items. That translates into 100s of items with incorrect prices.

Would you pay $.01 as 'insurance' to prevent pricing errors--and have all the newest items on your site?

Bridge charges its members just $.01 per item per month to keep items up to date. All new items appear on a retailer's site, and all price changes happen automatically.

Using our software, a store can manage 1,000 items for $10, 10,000 items for $100, etc.

Tags: price changes, add new items to site, efficiency

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