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Hollowware & Giftware collection with 326 products

Hollowware & Giftware
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326 products

Hotel Collection collection with 7 products

Hotel Collection
7 products

Stainless Steel Flatware
Stainless Steel Flatware - Citeaux collection with 21 products

Stainless Steel Flatware - Citeaux
21 products Best Seller

Stainless Steel Flatware - Sequoia collection with 21 products

Stainless Steel Flatware - Sequoia
21 products Best Seller

Silver Plated Flatware
Silver Plated Flatware - Sequoia collection with 46 products

Silver Plated Flatware - Sequoia
46 products Best Seller

Sterling Silver Flatware
Sterling Silver Flatware - Brantome collection with 73 products

Sterling Silver Flatware - Brantome
73 products Best Seller

About Ercuis

Unlike numerous houses that have taken on their founder's name, ERCUIS bears the name of a small village of the Oise. In 1867, the young curate of the Ercuis, Adrien Celeste Pillon, undertook to rehabilitate the village, morally and economically. He created an artistic goldsmthing trade, offering silverware with relief enamel

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