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Jardin De Maguelone collection with 30 products
Jardin De Maguelone 6 Collections
30 products
Plume collection with 30 products
Plume 4 Collections
30 products
Reflets D' Argent collection with 9 products
Reflets D' Argent 3 Collections
9 products
Reflets De Maguelone collection with 9 products
Reflets De Maguelone 3 Collections
9 products
Tourron collection with 40 products
Tourron 8 Collections
40 products
Tourron Natural collection with 91 products
Tourron Natural 8 Collections
91 products
Vuelta collection with 18 products
Vuelta 2 Collections
18 products
Wabi collection with 17 products
Wabi 7 Collections
17 products

Above all, Jars Brand of Stoneware from France would like the design to be invisible; to be gently evident; not to burden you with “things” that are more or less decorative.

On the contrary, Jars would like to offer you beautiful and useful objects that can softly enter one’s everyday life with poetry and can have an amazing relationship with you....... Read More