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Today at 11:51 AM

What is your abandoned cart rate? This and other factors arose in a shipping survey conducted by BigCommerce.

Some survey findings:

+ Fifty-eight percent stopped shopping certain retailers because of a negative shipping experience.

+ Amazon Prime has set a high bar with free two-day shipping. In the past 12 months, 84 percent of global survey respondents made an online purchase specifically because it offered free shipping, and half said they avoid shopping with retailers...Read rest of Chalk


What says summer better than our Banana Leaf Platter? Too bad we can't fan ourselves with it.
July 15
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Is offering a big sale in July a good idea? With the competition offering this, I don’t know that a store can afford not to. Today’s Times ponders this (theoretical?) question, which can be read here:

Tags: Nyt, amazon prime day

Shared: July 15, 2019

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Shared by Jason Solarek

July 14
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Beatriz Ball brand logo
Featured Products From Post:

It's National Mac & Cheese Day, which means that bowl isn't for sharing. 😉

Tags: Beatriz Ball, The Good Life, Soho, Jena, Bowl, Handmade, Artisan, $BTZ-6085

Brand: Beatriz Ball

Shared: July 14, 2019

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July 13
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Image for Chalk 18527
Image for Chalk 18527

Thank you for attending our July gift registry seminar. A special thanks to Kathy Pitts and Diana Duffy at Skyros for hosting us. Nice to see you: Susan, Hal, Tish, Bob, Laura, Melinda, and many more :)

Tags: Atlanta, seminar

Shared: July 13, 2019

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Shared by Jason Solarek

July 12
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What if we could remove all the no’s and can’ts? I think we can 🙂 See you at tonight’s seminar to share how.

Tags: Bridge ethos

Shared: July 12, 2019

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Shared by Jason Solarek

July 12

Now, THIS is how you entertain in the summer! ?
We love the way @carrieandseash created their tablescape.
July 10
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Beatriz Ball brand logo
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Dreaming of beach vibes and summer entertaining, who's down for an on the beach dinner? 🙋‍♀️
July 7
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Here’s a new idea: a wedding website after the event can become a ‘thank you’ site and share what happened. This idea and more can be gleamed from this weekend’s Times article about building a wedding website.

The Times suggests a couple could self-host a website and have a website designer custom build it, but I’d highly discourage that as it’s very time consuming and expensive. Aren’t weddings already enough of this? :)
Using a wedding site platform that is hosted by ...Read rest of Chalk

Tags: Wedding website design, nyt

Shared: July 7, 2019

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Shared by Jason Solarek

July 2
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There are millions of indie stores in the world who don’t get to succeed online. They get ripped off by web designers and coders, pay more in local taxes than big tech companies, don’t have access to cheap money from Wall St. (like big tech companies), and can’t protect themselves from hackers looking to steal credit cards. They are prevented them from running their business, helping their customers, and servicing their communities. Due to these expenses and obstacles, ...Read rest of Chalk

Tags: bridge ethos

Shared: July 2, 2019

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Shared by Jason Solarek

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