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Customer Service

Boarding supplier: Initial email to gather assets



My name is [INSERT NAME HERE] and welcome to Bridge! I will be assisting you in setting up your new Bridge account and importing your products. Below is a list of 3 items to get us going. Please look them all over and send me the necessary info when you are ready.


1. Please email me your product data.

Please email us an Excel file with all of your active products.


BEFORE you email your Excel file, please read these 2 links:



In addition to the two links above, I am attaching a sample import sheet. This sheet is from a recent brand that joined Bridge and will give you a better idea of how to deliver data to us in a ready-to-import condition.


While we like brands to hit these guidelines as close as they can to speed importing, if you have a special case or something seems to burdensome, please bring it to my attention.  We can see what we can do to help out or ease the process.


2. Please email me information about your brand:


A.  Please email me up to three promo images to use as slides for your brand.  (We have to add the slides to the Bridge system). Sometimes these are called "lifestyle" images.


Here is a link with an example of slides in action on another retailer:


Please email me hi-res pics for this purpose and we'll create the slides for you.



B. Please email me a list of your terms for wholesaling. We are looking for the following terms:


Opening order amount: $

Minimum re-order amount: $

Re-order fee if under min.:  $

Do you drop ship:  Y / N

If so, drop ship free:  $

For drop ship orders, do you waive the minimum reorder amount if you charge the drop ship free: Y / N Freight origin:

Re-stocking fee:

Break-pack fee:

Payment terms:



3. Please email me an Excel file with your active retailers.


We'll use your retailer list to show which stores sell your brand on your Bridge's Find a Store page.

Also, we'll use this to 'friend' you to these retailers so that in Bridge you can with one click contact these retailers.  All your retailers will appear on your Bridge’s ‘Connections' page.


If you have any questions, please let me know and I will be happy to assist!