Boost Your Google Ranking

Boost Your Bridge Site's Ranking in Search Englines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
Imagine that your website is a digital version of your physical store.
Here's how your store compares to your website:
Bridge offers a suite of free tools to members to help them increase their ranking in Google:
Boosting your ranking is part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
Tips to increase your SEO:
1. Complete all of the Sucess Tips in your Bridge in account. Many of these are necessary steps to being rank well in search engines.
You can find your Success Tips checklist by following these steps:
For example, tip #2 is adding all the brands that you sell in your store.  The more brands you add to your Bridge, the more that Google can see that you sell those brands and send you customers searching for these brands.
2. Use Bridge's SEO Tools page. 
This page allows you to:
a. Make a list of 10 search terms for which you want to be found. Then, add these keywords to your items, your News, and to your store's list of offerings in the description area.
b. Contact your brands and ask to be listed on their site.  This creates 'back links' to your site.
3. Setup domain masking for your site. This entails Bridge installing on your Bridge an SSL certificate. This helps elevate your site above others and legitimize it. It makes your content more unique and adds SSL to it. Google gives value to both of these factors.
You can see examples and read more about domain masking for your Bridge site here:
4. Add news and events to your site daily. You can do this via your Newsfeed. 
5. Share the news and products from your Bridge to your Facebook Page. This creates 'back links' to your site.
6. Ask all of your customers for reviews. Bridge includes a free review tool. Reviews increase click thru to your site, and they provide great content for Google to crawl.
7. Check out MOZ's guide to the web. Download the free guide from our library:
We have a Google Training webinar for you to obtain even more tips and tricks to boost your ranking. 
You can watch this webinar here: