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Bridge Smart Universal Login

The Bridge Smart Universal Login enables businesses to login once and visit many different wholesale sites without logging in again. This solution results in more engagement between businesses and their business network.


Why do businesses use the Universal Login?
The Bridge Universal Login is a quicker and easier way to allow you to login to  websites—and other sites that you use. 

Most visitors to a website do not login, and therefore may not experience most of the site's benefits. By using the Universal Login, businesses increase the number of visitors that enjoy their features and information on their site.

What 'is' the Universal Login?
The Bridge Universal Login is an account that you (a business) initially creates via Bridge, and with which other 3rd party websites acknowledge.

Does having a Bridge login guarantee access to all websites that use it?
No. A business must first grant you to access its site. The Bridge Universal Login does not equate to 'universal access.' The universal login does not grant universal access but rather universal ease of access.