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Vendor Survey About Ordering Terms

Have you ever wondered how your brand compares to other brands in your industry? Many brands do. And now is your opportunity to find out.
The Vendor Relationship Survey (VRS) is a survey of the leading companies in the tabletop and home goods industry. We believe you are one these leaders.
We are polling you and your colleagues about ordering and re-ordering terms. Your answers to the questions are CONFIDENTIAL. We will not share your answers with anyone.
The goal of the survey is to find out industry averages for ordering and fulfillment.
How does the survey benefit you? There are TWO BIG ways…
1. We are going to tabulate all the responses, create industry averages, and share these findings with you. We will email you these results.  With these survey's results, you will see how your terms compare to the industry's.  You may even choose to increase or decrease your terms, thereby helping your business' margins and profits.
2. Win lunch at Shake Shack. When you complete the survey, we'll enter you to win lunch at Shake Shack for yourself and your friends. (Value $100.) We'll even have someone wait in line for you so you can skip the line. 
Note: only participants that complete the survey will receive the survey results and be entered to win the Shake Shack trip.
Wish to submit your answers via telephone?
Please call Bridge at: 1-212-254-9654
Wish to share the survey with an industry leader or save this survey for later?  
This is the survey's URL:
Thank you for your participation in our survey.
Jason Solarek & Diane Seidle
Market Research Team
Bridge Catalog
339 East 9th St.
New York, NY 10003