Sync News from Facebook to Bridge


Did you know that Facebook has recently changed its algorithm to show less news from your business?
Due to this change, most of your customers don't see the news that you post on Facebook.

What can you do about this?
Bridge has a solution: We can copy your Facebook posts to your Bridge. Your news will be seen by 1,000s of customers.

How does the service work?

Bridge's team can copy your Facebook posts to your Bridge's news tool. We'll add:

  • Pictures
  • Links to specific products
  • $tags
  • Keywords


  • Get your news in front of more customers.
  • Boost your Google ranking.
  • Leverage your existing news.
  • Cost effective. 

Examples of what Bridge will copy for you:

  • Sales.
  • Store pictures.
  • New product introductions.
  • Events.

$129/month. Up to 16 copied posts.

How to sign up?
Email [email protected] or call us 212-254-9655.