For Brands: Email to Send Sales Reps

Email Subject Line: Help Your Retailers with Our Bridge Program


Dear Sales Rep, 


What if your stores could sell 13% more?


We have joined a sales program that makes it easier for you to sell our products. You will sell more via your retailers' websites.  The program is called Bridge and it can help all types of retailers–from those with basic websites to those with advanced e-commerce sites. 


Why encourage your stores to join Bridge?

1. You will earn more in commission.

2. Help your retailers show more product online.

3. Help your retailers save time and money. 

4. Give your retailers instant, accurate pricing.

5. Give your retailers immediate display of new products and pictures.


With Bridge, we maintain our product data on your retailers' sites so that no one at the store has to. The store can spend less money on website maintenance and show more product.


In addition, each sales rep will receive a free Bridge account. Your account will show you what orders are made on your retailers' sites in real time. For example, if your retailer sells item X at 8:59 am today, you can see this instantly.


Using Bridge, you can be in more places at once. Instead of having to send price lists to many retailers, Bridge lets you make a change once and have it appear on 100s of retailers' sites.


Will you get commission on Bridge generated orders?

Yes. Commission is handled via Bridge just like it is for any other order.


Does our Bridge work with a retailer's existing website?

Yes. Bridge can work with any website, from a beginner site to an advanced one.


How does our Bridge differ from existing services?

Bridge is unlike other file sharing services. With Bridge, your stores do not have to download or upload Excel files, click on Dropbox links, or deal with thumbdrives.  Unlike static file sharing services, Bridge is a dynamic real-time file sharing service. Our products are always up to date on your retailers' Bridge sites.


What brands are in Bridge?

Bridge brand members include more than 100 of the leading home goods brands.

View all the Bridge brand partners here:


What retailers use Bridge?

440+ retailers across the United States and Canada use Bridge.

View a list of retailers here:


How much does it cost?



How do you join Bridge?

Join for free at:


You can also contact your corporate representative or Jason Solarek at Bridge at: 1-212-254-9654 / [email protected]



Do we have materials for you to promote Bridge?

Yes. Please see attached picture showing materials. 

We will give you:

- printed flyers explaining the program

- digital copy of the flyer that you can email to stores

- gift registry tents to give stores

- gift registry window decals to give to stores






Graphics for promoting the sales rep program:




Arte Italica promo for Bridge: