Bridge E-commerce & Gift Registry Platform

Customer Service

How does Bridge work?

For vendors (brands, manufacturers, distributors, suppliers)
  • We’ll import your items into Bridge.  We can import your product data from an Excel file that you email us. We can also help you add pictures to these items.  Using our software, you will in essence be creating a duplicate of what is on your website on the Bridge platform. The benefit is that once you do this your products will appear on all your authorized retailers’ websites and consumers can purchase your items on these retailers’ sites.  Any changes that you make to your Bridge products will also occur on your Bridge retailers’ sites instantly.  For example, if you add a new item, it will appear on all your Bridge retailers’ sites.  If you change a price, it will change on all the sites. Your items from the retailers’ perspective appear to be self-updating and ‘smart.’ Therefore, we refer to your items as Smart Products and to your brand as a Smart Brand.
  • You’ll choose which retailers are able to show your Smart Products on their sites. You can invite any retailer to join Bridge and connect with your products. 
  • Once you are happy with your account, we’ll active it and all your products will appear on your friended retailers’ websites. Your Bridge retailers will not need to ask you for Excel files to upload to their site; all data will instantly be on their site. 
  • When a retailer sells one of your items on its site, the retailer will receive the customer’s information via email and the payment. If the retailer has the item in stock, it will not contact you and ship what it has in stock. If the retailer does not have the item in stock, it will contact you or its sales rep to place an order. If you drop ship, it may ask you to do this.
  • To help you measure your Bridge’s performance, Bridge will send you a daily email at 5 pm informing you of any sales relating to your brand.
  • Using Bridge, you’ll be controlling your product on your retailers’ websites, thereby helping them show more and sell more. 
For retailers:
  • For both free and paid accounts, you’ll can use our software to quickly list all the brands that you sell. We have a list of 1,700 brands to pick from. You can also add any brands to your site that are not in our existing master brand list. 
  • You’ll select any Smart Brands that you sell. Smart Brands have a partnership with Bridge and all their items can appear in your Bridge store if you and the brand approve each other’s ‘friend’ request. Smart Products are updated for you and thereby save you time and money. You can also show more products then you’d normally show when you use Smart Products, and this helps increase sales.
  • You can add an unlimited number of your own products to your Bridge store. For example, you can add one of a kind items such as unique jewelry pieces or antiques.  
  • If you have a gift registry program in your store, you can use Bridge’s gift registry software to show these registries. Family and friends can visit registries on your site and make purchases from them. You can create unlimited registries.
  • Customers can checkout via your Bridge store. You’ll receive an email with the customer’s ordered item(s), billing info, shipping info, telephone, and email. If you have real-time credit card processing setup with Bridge, your Bridge store will ask the customer for his or her credit card information during checkout.  The money may appear in your account within a day or two. If you do not have it setup, you’ll use the telephone in the email to call the customer and collect credit card details via telephone. You will key it in to your in-store terminal. 
  • If you have the item in stock, you can ship that. If you do not have the item in stock, you can contact the vendor or your sales rep to place an order. If the vendor drops ship, you may ask it to do this. If the purchase is a gift registry purchase, and your store gives the bride registry credit, you can do this. (You do not have to immediately ship registry purchases.)
  • Using Bridge, you give your customers an easy, quick online checkout and save yourself 100s of hours  and $1,000s on website maintenance and product upkeep.
  • News feature: you can use your Bridge to share news with your business friends as well as with the public. It’s akin to a Facebook page, but for your business.
  • You’ll receive a bi-weekly email with prices changes, new items, and best sellers.