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February 9, 2018
Jason Solarek at Bridge shared
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February 9, 2018
Jason Solarek at Bridge shared

What if there was a way for stores to save $8,900?
If they could, stores could spend that on inventory instead.

We'll share how stores can save:

If one uses Shopify (a popular e-commerce platform) to make an e-commerce site, the store often signs up for a lot of recurring costs. In comparison, when a store signs up for Bridge, there are no fees.

In the first year, the store may pay $6,000+ for using Shopify:
+ $79/month for Shopify general service (plan that offers a gift card).
+ $75/month for Shopify related gift registry software.
+ $500/month for someone to manually add items.
+ Shopify takes a percentage of every sale the store makes online.

In the first year, the store will pay $0 for using Bridge:
+ $0/month. Free e-commerce store.
+ $0/month. Free bridal registry software.
+ $0/month. Free to sync with 3,000 Smart Products.
+ Bridge does not take a percentage of the sale. The store keeps 100%.

Bridge is a better choice because the store gets more features and it pays much less. Since the store will have instant access to 1,000s of Smart Products, the store's sales statistically are many times higher via Bridge than on Shopify. Overall, a store is likely to come out ahead by $8,900 if it chooses Bridge over Shopify.

Even if a store chooses to upgrade to a paid Bridge plan, the store will still come out far head of Shopify.

One has to ask themselves: what is a better deal for stores?

What can you do with these facts?
Please share the above statistics with stores. It's crucial stores make smart omni-channel selling choices. No store can afford to lose $8,900. When they save $8,900, that's more they can spend on product.

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