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March 16, 2018
Jason Solarek at Bridge shared
Jason Solarek picture
March 16, 2018
Jason Solarek at Bridge shared

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Juliska Partners with Bridge Catalog
Leading tabletop brand to join e-commerce platform to help U.S. retailer base

New York, NY- Juliska, a designer of premium tableware and home décor, has joined an online sales platform to help its authorized retailers increase their sales.

Beginning May 1st, 2018, the New York-based company will use Bridge, an e-commerce platform, to display more of its products via its retailers’ websites and gift registries.

Juliska is placing approximately 800 items into the Bridge network which will instantly appear on authorized retailers' websites. Traditionally, a retailer has had to manually enter each item into its website and search for professional pictures. With Bridge, the retailer can skip these manual steps.

"Most retailers show online just 10% of what they offer from a brand," said Jason Solarek, CEO and founder of Bridge. "This is due to all the work and expense of maintaining an online store and registry. Specifically, many retailers pay a few dollars to add each item on their site, so they give up due to this expense. With Bridge, a retailer pays just a penny per item. A retailer will be able to instantly show up to 100% of the Juliska line for the price of a cup of coffee. This will result in more sales for the retailer and brand. Rarely can businesses increase sales and cut costs at the same time."

By joining Bridge, Juliska is connecting with more than 300 indie stores that share 60,000 products from 110 leading home goods suppliers such as Annieglass, Beatriz Ball, Herend, Waterford, and Vietri.

Bridge reports that retailers that use Bridge sell 13% more than those that don't because Bridge retailers are able to streamline procedures and speed more product to their customers. Supporting this finding, Linda Motley, owner of P.S. the Letter in Fort Worth, Texas, remarked upon hearing the Juliska announcement, "I am thrilled that Juliska has joined Bridge. Our customers, particularly our brides, demand a quality online registry/shopping experience. Juliska joining Bridge helps us offer an efficient, polished, updated product offering. It's is a win-win for everyone.”

By launching in May, the Juliska-Bridge partnership will help retailers in the upcoming bridal registry season.

Joining Juliska and the 110 other partner brands on Bridge is free for eligible retailers.


About Juliska
Founded in 2001 by husband and wife Capucine and David Gooding, Juliska is a design-led tableware and home décor brand, inspired by passionate artisans, centuries of European design and the joy of gathering to create unforgettable moments. Known for their iconic Berry & Thread motif, Juliska products are reflective of the company’s strong philosophy of historical styling, imaginatively updated to suit today’s lifestyles. What started with a small collection of historic, mouth-blown Bohemian glasses, Juliska now makes hundreds of products for the table and home.


About Bridge
Founded in 2007, Bridge helps retail businesses store, share, and collaborate on products and promotions.
Bridge saves members time and money, increases the number of items shown to shoppers, and boosts sales for all parties. In 2018, Bridge will help its business members sell $20 million.

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