September 6, 2018

UPCs Added for 20+ Brands

We've loaded UPCs to products for 20+ brands, including:
+ Badash
+ Casafina and Costa Nova
+ DeVine's brands (Anna Weatherly, Varga, JL Coquet, Jaune de Chrome, etc.)
+ Nambe
+ Q Squared
+ Rosenthal's brands (Rosenthal, Versace, Thomas, Ercuis, Raynaud, Arzberg, etc.)
+ WWRD's brands (Waterford, Wedgwood, etc.)
+ Vietri

We've also loaded EAN's for Joseph Joseph products.

When your products have UPCs and EANs, you can more easily find them on your website, use scanners, and boost your Google ranking.

To view a UPC or EAN, simply browse to an item from one of the above brands in your Bridge.