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April 10

Does your brand have a high 'digital IQ'? Gartner shares that 62% of brands that deal with B2B have a low digital IQ.

"B2B companies have historically relied on manual and in-person methods to market and sell their products. Those include connections made at trade shows, tried-and-true sales team relationships, and channel partner agreements that have been in place for eons...[sic] Manufacturing brands must dramatically advance their digital competencies to keep up with massive shifts in B2B buying behavior as well as looming competitive threats (cough: Amazon)."

For the last 10 years, Bridge has been preparing and building for this future . We have met naysayers at just about every turn from retailers, brands, and even trade show buildings. As we begin to cross the 500 retailer membership mark and $12 million in online sales, we look forward to helping our industry evolve.

Read the full article about B2B digital competency here

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April 10, 2019

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