May 12

How can you better understand your website?

Imagine that your website is a digital version of your physical store. In this graphic, I compare your roof to your website's meta data, your sidewalk to your wedding website traffic, and your store window to your home page's slides.

Heres how your store compares to your website:

1. Sidewalk = Small websites and blogs that lead to your website such as local newspaper sites, local community groups, and wedding websites. These sites provide ‘foot traffic.’

2. Road = Major websites that lead to your website, such as Facebook, the New York Times site, etc. These sites provide major ‘highway traffic.'

3. Roof = Your website’s page title & meta data.

4. Signage = Branding.

5. Front door = Easy navigation and access to purchasing.

6. Store hours and telephone number in window = Your website’s listing of ways to contact your business.

7. Knowledgeable sales associate = Powerful search engine.

8. Word of mouth & referrals = Your website’s reviews page.

9. Store security system = Secure website that protects transactions and data.

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Shared: May 12, 2019

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