May 19

Bridge now displays brand logos more prominently and in more locations.

A. Registry Pages
In the old Bridge 1.0,a customer would browse to a bride's registry, see a champagne flute, and there would not be a Waterford logo by the product. This shopper would likely not know the item was a Waterford item, and therefore not know the history and quality of the item. In 2.0, Bridge displays the Waterford logo below each item so the customer now immediately sees the Waterford logo and recognize the item's quality. Displaying the Waterford logo enhances the value of the item in the shopper's eyes and increases the likelihood of a purchase.


B. Product Pages
Bridge is is also promoting brands more on product pages. We now output brand logo above the product picture. Previously in Bridge 1.0, the brand logo was output farther down the page and was less noticeable.

In the example shown, we can see 2.0 software displaying the Waterford logo above the Waterford flute.


C. News Posts
In 1.0, Bridge didn't output the brand logo next to the images. In 2.0, we do. Juxtaposing lifestyle images with brand logos produces a professional and engaging outcome that elevates the product's perceived value.

In the example shown, we can see 2.0 software displaying Waterford logo below the Waterford post and the Herend logo below the Herend post.


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