September 4

Help a business friend and we'll give you $50

How the program works:
1. Refer a retailer to Bridge. E-mail us the store’s name. We’ll do the rest of the work. E-mail: [email protected]
2. After the store is active 60 days, we'll send you a check for $50. :)

What the store receives:
This reminded me: I'm happy to mail you $50 for referring a store.

For free, your stores can receive:
1. A Bridge account filled with professional product pictures and accurate prices.
2. Award-winning e-commerce and gift registry software.
3. The ability to add an unlimited number of products from any brand. (They're not limited to our partner Smart Brands.)
4. A quick solution to compete with Amazon, Zola, and large e-commerce players. A new website often costs $6k, and $100s each month to maintain. Help your friend save this money.

1. The store must sync with one or more of Bridge's 110 Smart Brands.

View a list of Smart Brand members here:

For example, the store just needs to sync with Vietri or Juliska.

2. The referred store must not be an existing active Bridge member / customer.
3. The referred store must have a physical storefront.
4. If you wish to refer more than three stores, please contact Bridge via telephone at 212-254-9654.
5. This referral offer is only available to Bridge members with active accounts activated before Oct. 3, 2019.