September 5

What does Domino’s pizza and Amazon have in common? I’ll share: back in the 1980s, Dominos promised to deliver your pizza in 30 minutes or less. But drivers were speeding, getting in accidents, and even killing people in tryin to make this deadline. Dominos was sued over this marketing promise, eventually lost a lawsuit for $78m, and dropped it. Today’s Times shares that Amazon and its contractors have killed 10 people in their deliveries of packages. Will Amazon’s packages face the same fate as Domino’s pizzas?

After Dominos had to change its marketing course, it concentrated not on delivery speed but the other annoying things that bother you about your pizza resulting in the memorable character: the Noid. He was a little suited gremlin-like character that messed up your pizza. Dominos promised to fight back against the Noid. Should Amazon take this route and need a Noid-like mascot, I’d like to nominate their very own: Jeff Bezos. He’s already annoyed his ex-wife and indie store owners. And he’s about the size of the Noid.

Read the Times’ 1993 article about Dominos ending time-based delivery due to the $78m lawsuit loss:

Read the full Times article:

Check out a funny Noid ad from 1986:

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