November 8

Share Files More Easily

Your Bridge now helps you share files more easily. You can easily load PDFs, Excel files, price lists, and more via your Bridge Library. Your business friends will see your files on their Dashboard, as well as in their respective Library.

In the example shown, Babcock Gifts, the premier gift shop of Tennessee, can view files from Mary Jurek, DeVine Corporation, Badash, Casafina, and BIA Cordon Bleu.

When viewing a file on the Dashboard, you can like it, save it, or download it. You can also hide it.

Bridge Library gives you10 Gbs of free storage (that is 5x more than Dropbox).

Using Bridge Smart Products and Library, a store can easily get access to product data and files on one site. Without Bridge, a store would have to visit a brand’s website to get product data, then visit a separate Dropbox page to get files, then add that content back on its own site. Bridge is saving retailers from this hassle.

Bridge Library is also good for brands. Retailers hate having to hunt for files via Dropbox links. With Library, your files are all in one easy spot, inside their Library.

Explore your Library:
1. Visit your Bridge.
2. Go to your Office Dashboard.
3. Scroll down till you see the File Sharing area.