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February 5, 2020
Jason Solarek at Bridge shared
Your business likely has to pay taxes on your 2019 Bridge sales. While paying taxes may not be fun, Bridge has made it easier.

Your Bridge allows you to easily see how much you collected in sales taxes. You can use this information to prepare your 2019 taxes.

How to visit your Tax page:

1. Visit your Bridge.
2. Login to your Bridge.
3. At the very top, click on “Management.”
4. On Management home page, on the left-hand side under “Order Reporting,” click on “Tax Collection.”
5. You can change the date range to meet your needs. You may wish to click on "2019."

In the example shown, we've replaced actual tax numbers with "XXXXX" for privacy purposes.

Please note: if you enter your Bridge orders in to your POS system or accounting software, you likely will not need to use this Tax page. 

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