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Jason Solarek at Bridge
July 21, 2020
In this new webinar, I show you how to speed files to customers and save time.

Webinar includes:
  • Industry trends on sharing products, news, files, and contact information.
  • How brands like Vietri are using Bridge to promote their brand.
  • How retailers like P.S. The Letter are using Bridge to save time.
  • How to use Library to share price lists, PDFs, and other files.
  • How files appear next to products on web pages.
  • How to request files from Smart Brands.
  • How to email Library files.
  • How to cut your Dropbox bill.

Webinar is designed for:
People that share files.

After watching the webinar, answer these trivia questions: 
  • What problem is the industry facing when doing business?
  • Where can retailers find shared Library files on a brand's product page?
  • When adding a file to Library, what are three of the Content choices?
Watch webinar: