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December 30, 2020
We have exciting news: Retailers can now place wholesale orders via Bridge.  If you are an authorized dealer, you can purchase from these participating brands:
  • Anna Weatherley
  • Beatriz Ball
  • Calaisio
  • Casafina
  • Costa Nova
  • Couzon
  • Herdmar
  • Kim Seybert
  • Mario Luca Giusti
  • Medard de Noblat
  • Meissen
  • Pickard China
  • Pickard Crystal
  • Pinto Paris
  • Portus Cale
  • Royal Crown Derby
  • Varga
Why is Bridge Wholesale Better?
  • Speed: Bridge Wholesale reduces the number of steps required to place an order by 50%.  Bridge Wholesale takes just 3 clicks to place an order while a traditional order takes more than 7 clicks. (Please see attached graphic showing steps saved.)
  • Accuracy: Bridge Wholesale helps a retailer purchase exactly what it wants. Traditional ordering solutions require lots of searching. Speeding a retailer to what it wants means fewer mistakes.
  • Reduce abandoned shopping bags: Most shoppers do not complete their purchase the first time they add an item to their cart. Bridge Wholesale shows 'open' shopping bags at the top of the retailer's own Bridge account--thereby reminding it to checkout. Bridge Wholesale has a higher conversion rate for completing purchases. 
  • Convenience: Retailers can view past orders from many different brands on their own Bridge site. For example, instead of visiting 10 brand sites to view past orders, the retailer simply stays on its own site and view all orders. 
  • Speed products to market with Bridge's D2D (Door-to-Door) service: Retailers can purchase items on a Bridge brand's account and instantly have it on their retail site. This greatly shrinks the time it takes to get the product from the wholesaler's site (back door) to the retailer's site (front door). 
For Retailers: Place Order
Placing wholesale orders is free for retailers.  To place a wholesale order for one of the brands above:
  1. On your Bridge account, please visit the brand from which you wish to place an order. 
  2. Please find the product that you'd like to purchase at wholesale. 
  3. On the product's page, please look to the right of the product's picture. Please click the link "Place Wholesale Order for this Product."  (Please see example picture.) This will take you to the brand's Bridge account.  You'll be logged in and on the correct product’s page automatically. 
  4. If you are approved for wholesale ordering, you will see a green button "Add to Wholesale Shopping Bag." (Please see example picture.) You can add the desired quantity to your shopping bag. Please add an item to your bag and complete the checkout steps.
  5. If you are not approved to make wholesale purchases, you will see a key icon and this link "Request approval from [brand name] to view wholesale pricing and make wholesale purchases."  (Please see example picture.) Please request approval if you are an authorized dealer.

Can a retailer that doesn't have a Bridge Store use the wholesale service? Yes. The retailer will visit the brand's Bridge account and login.  It can then follow steps similar to those outlined above.  Any retailer that is an authorized dealer of a brand can use Bridge Wholesale.

For Brands: Join Wholesale Program
If you would like to have your brand accept wholesale orders, please:
  1. Visit your Bridge's 'Your Account' page.
  2. Please find the setting 'Allow Wholesale Ordering via Bridge.' 
  3. Please update this to "Yes" and then scroll to the bottom and click on the green save button.
Please note: allowing wholesale ordering is a paid service. Please find pricing here: https://www.bridgecatalog.com/pricing.cfm?brands

For Sales Reps
Bridge includes sales reps in the new wholesale service. When a retailer checks out, the sales rep on file will be assigned to the order.  This ensures the rep gets credit for the order. 


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