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Jason Solarek at Bridge
January 11, 2021
Bridge's ability to process retail purchases using credit cards on Authorize.net was suspended today through approximately 4 pm EST. The issue is fixed now.

The reason for this is early this AM Authorize.net changed its processing location to Singapore and did not alert us.  They updated their API domain to a Singapore-based IP.  Since that city state is a hotbed for hacker activity, Bridge historically has blocked all traffic all incoming (and outgoing) traffic to Singapore as a security measure.   As long as our security block was in place, the credit cards would not go through. After communicating with Authorize.net, which was not helpful, and our hosting company, which was, we were able to identify and resolve the issue.

We have unblocked Singapore and the credit card transactions are now processing.

After the outage, Authorize.net confirmed the issue is on their end:
"...There is a known issue where one of our IPs is showing from Singapore, however that's not actually the case. The engineers are working on it... Respectfully, Trent F. / Customer Support"

Authorize.net may wish to alert customers that traffic is bouncing to a new country known for hacking (and likely flagged by various security software programs).

Authorize.net is owned by Visa, a U.S. company. We are curious if Visa will start hosting and sending transaction data to other suspect countries including Romania, Russia, and Ukraine.  We question why U.S consumers' credit card transactions are reportedly being routed to South Asia and back.

More info about Singapore: