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Jason Solarek at Bridge
February 11, 2021
We offer a universal domain service (UDS) to retailers, brands, and sales reps. What does this service do? The universal domain service elevates your business' brand and may increase your Google ranking. Specifically, the service hides ("masks") the 'bridgecatalog' part of the website URL. 

In the example shown, we Google two stores' names in Texas. The two stores both use Bridge Store to power their online business.  The Ivy House does not use the universal domain service and appears in Google results as:

P.S. the Letter does use the universal domain service and appears as:

If P.S. the Letter did not use the universal domain service, its URL would be: pstheletter.bridgecatalog.com

The universal domain service affects all the pages the site. This is the reason we call it 'universal'. Waterford's page on The Ivy House is:

On P.S. the Letter, the Waterford URL is: 

Tthe universal domain service also affects gift registry URLs. For example, a bride on The Ivy House is:

On P.S. the Letter, it is:

The universal domain service has been shown to increase a business' Google ranking, which leads to more sales.  As you can see, the service also shortens the URL length. Some customers prefer shorter URLs as they perceive them to be easier and less complex.

The universal domain service is $19/month. Please contact Bridge to add this service to your subscription.

Please note: the universal domain service is not the same as 'domain forwarding.' Domain forwarding just forwards a domain to wherever you'd like; it's a handoff from one site to the next.  Domain forwarding does not affect all URLs nor improve a Google ranking. Domain forwarding is a free service. Bridge is happy to help you with any domain forwarding setup.

Please note: the universal domain service was previously referred to as 'domain masking.'