May 17

According to Google, Bridge is helping indie stores beat big box stores in the gift registry SEO race. In a study of searches by state, Bridge ranked above Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Dillards in Google's results.

Bridge conducted this study by using Google 'Incognito Mode' to search for:
South Carolina Gift Registry
Alabama Gift Registry
Georgia Gift Registry

In the attached Google results screenshot, I’ve highlighted Bridge's stores in green, Target in orange, Dillard's in purple, and Bed Bath & Beyond in pink.

In South Carolina, Bed Bath & Beyond was beat by Bridge clients Wacky Rabbit, The Boutique, and Eleanor Pitts. These Bridge stores on average are the size of the checkout area in one Bed Bath & Beyond location.

In Alabama, Bridge retailer Young Jewelers beat Belk's, Target, and Walmart.

In Georgia, Bridge retailer Plum Southern beat Dillard's, Target, and Bed Beth & Beyond.

Bridge is winning while at a significant disadvantage. Whereas big box stores have million-dollar web budgets, Bridge's retailers pay just a few dollars per month. Whereas these big box stores have often been in business for generations, Bridge has often been helping clients for just a few years.

How did Bridge accomplish this ‘coup’ in Google? Bridge has spent 10 years creating tools to place stores at the top of search engines. Why? We believe in Main Street America. We enjoy helping 400+ indie businesses win online and thereby help their local communities.