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Our company, Pampa Bay was created in the heart of the Pampas grain belt, in Argentina. The Pampa region is peppered with Finger Lakes creating a spectacular landscape of different shades of green from the farms surrounded by the crystal blue water from the bay lake. There is a big window in the designer’s studio, where you can enjoy this breath taking view, which is consider one of the most ... Read more about Pampa Bay »

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Happy to see Pampa Bay featured at Wacky Rabbit in South Carolina. Hi, Paula!

Tags: Porcelain, titanium, white, crisp, entertain, dinner, party, Pampa Bay, $PBY-CER-1948, $PBY-CER-1718-SET, $PBY-CER-1401, $PBY-CER-1209-W, $PBY-CER-2109-W, $PBY-CER-1951, $PBY-CER-1977-W, $PBY-GLS-105-BL

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