$63.00 Charger
Charger $63.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$40.00 Dinner
Dinner $40.00 ($US) 36 Likes
$32.00 Simple Salad Plate
Simple Salad Plate $32.00 ($US) 12 Likes
$40.00 Pasta/Soup Bowl
Pasta/Soup Bowl $40.00 ($US) 7 Likes
$33.00 Mug
Mug $33.00 ($US) 13 Likes
$32.00 Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl $32.00 ($US) 26 Likes
$28.00 Berry Bowl
Berry Bowl $28.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$26.00 Bread/Side Plate
Bread/Side Plate $26.00 ($US)  
$55.00 Small Oval Platter
Small Oval Platter $55.00 ($US) 12 Likes
$66.00 Small Serving Bowl
Small Serving Bowl $66.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$105.00 Serving Bowl
Serving Bowl $105.00 ($US) 10 Likes
$105.00 Large Oval Platter
Large Oval Platter $105.00 ($US) 7 Likes
$121.00 Cake Stand
Cake Stand $121.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$37.00 Sugar Bowl
Sugar Bowl $37.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$33.00 Creamer
Creamer $33.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$55.00 Salt & Pepper Set
Salt & Pepper Set $55.00 ($US) 3 Likes
$13.00 Ramekin
Ramekin $13.00 ($US) 8 Likes
$105.00 Small Canister
Small Canister $105.00 ($US)  
$127.00 Medium Canister
Medium Canister $127.00 ($US)  
$173.00 Large Canister
Large Canister $173.00 ($US)  
$59.00 Sauce Server
Sauce Server $59.00 ($US)  
$90.00 Large Rectangular Baker
Large Rectangular Baker $90.00 ($US) 9 Likes

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About Historia - Barely Blue: European history is repeated in this elegant dinnerware line. Each salad plate represents architecturally inspired iron works found in some of Europe’s most enticing cities; Versailles, Milan, Vienna and Lisboa. The name of the represented city is on the back of each salad plate. Add to the elegance of your table with beautiful Historia accessories. Delight your guests by serving your favorite dish in one of the exquisite bakers enhanced with a graceful nickel holder. Showcase your favorite dessert with a Historia cake pedestal or use it as a gorgeous accent piece for your table or buffet. The bowls and platters are wonderful for your entertaining needs. Historia’s four delicate colors are beautiful on their own or paired with Isabella or Legado. Oven, Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher safe.
Care & Usage: Handcrafted in Portugal of ceramic stoneware. Freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Skyros Designs
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