$63.00 Charger
Charger $63.00 ($US)  
$38.00 Dinner
Dinner $38.00 ($US) 5 Likes
$32.00 Salad
Salad $32.00 ($US) 1 Like
$36.00 Pasta Bowl/Rim Soup
Pasta Bowl/Rim Soup $36.00 ($US) 1 Like
$31.00 Mug
Mug $31.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$31.00 Cereal Bowl
Cereal Bowl $31.00 ($US) 4 Likes
$26.00 Berry Bowl
Berry Bowl $26.00 ($US)  
$26.00 Bread/Side Plate
Bread/Side Plate $26.00 ($US) 1 Like
$40.00 Breakfast Cup
Breakfast Cup $40.00 ($US)  
$39.00 Spoon Rest
Spoon Rest $39.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$57.00 Utensil Crock
Utensil Crock $57.00 ($US) 1 Like
$57.00 Pie/Quiche Dish
Pie/Quiche Dish $57.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$73.00 Medium Rectangular Baker
Medium Rectangular Baker $73.00 ($US) 1 Like
$95.00 Large Rectangular Baker
Large Rectangular Baker $95.00 ($US) 9 Likes
$13.00 Dip Bowl
Dip Bowl $13.00 ($US)  
$13.00 Ramekin
Ramekin $13.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$132.00 Square Covered Casserole
Square Covered Casserole $132.00 ($US) 1 Like
$132.00 Round Covered Casserole
Round Covered Casserole $132.00 ($US) 2 Likes
$60.00 Salt & Pepper Set
Salt & Pepper Set $60.00 ($US)  
$83.00 Small Canister
Small Canister $83.00 ($US)  
$123.00 Medium Canister
Medium Canister $123.00 ($US)  
$147.00 Large Canister
Large Canister $147.00 ($US)  
$70.00 Serving Bowl
Serving Bowl $70.00 ($US) 5 Likes

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About Cantaria - Poppy Red: Cantaria, which means stonework in Portuguese, aptly describes the masterfully created dinnerware line. The organic shape and hammered texture of Skyros Cantaria dinnerware line offers a traditional look, or a sophisticated, modern elegance. This is the charm and beauty behind Cantaria. Mix, match and play with colors and textures to create your own delightful table. Cantaria’s accessory pieces bring a world of color and style to your table. These pieces are too beautiful to be stored behind cabinet doors. Let them hang out on your kitchen counter and just see how much pleasure they will bring you. The 11 stunning colors complement each other when mixed, and the warm inviting colors will bring a sense of comfort to your table. Simple, timeless and pure perfection definitely describes the Cantaria Collection. Handcrafted in Portugal of ceramic stoneware, the entire line is freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Extremely chip resistant.
Care & Usage: Handcrafted in Portugal of ceramic stoneware. Freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.
Skyros Designs
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